• Old Tom and the Old Tome

In January 2016, I released my first self-published short story, Old Tom and the Old Tome. You can download it for free (or a donation of your choice) from this site, or buy from Smashwords, Amazon, iBooks, and more.


  • Dinner on a Flying Saucer, written by Dean Wesley Smith
  • Dinosaurs in the Home Depot, written by Bret Wellman
  • Your Average Ordinary Alien, written by Adam Graham

I've recorded several audiobooks. You can find them for sale at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Disclaimer About Really Old Stuff

Okay, so from here on out everything linked from this page is pretty old. Some of these pages haven't seen a redesign since 2000. So expect some pretty outdated web design, and a gallery that doesn't have any thumbnails. I'll probably get around to fixing some of this stuff eventually, but the oldest entries are probably going to stay as-is.

Here be dragons.


Stuff I and others have written over the years.

My Favorite Searches (2002-present)

Search terms that lead people to this page.

KateStory (1994-present)

The classic Sonic 'XX reply-to story, contributed to by dozens of authors over more than two decades.

The Mighty Trinity (2001-2004)

Thad. Brent. Steve. Brad. Afro Jon. Together...they fight crime.

The Gatrix (2003)

My own dialogue added to screen grabs from Microsoft's Comdex '03 Matrix spoof.

The Lesser of Two Evils (November 2000)

In which I compare the 2000 election to a race between Hitler and Stalin. Look, Godwin's Law wasn't really a thing back then. (And no, I am not really suggesting that Bush and Gore were equivalent to Hitler and Stalin, or even to each other. Just that I really am not a big fan of having only two undesirable choices of people to vote for.)

Also, wow, the layout looks especially hideous on that one. I have no idea what happened between 2000 and present to do that; it used to look less terrible.

Thad vs. YourGoingToHell.com (September 2000)

In arguably the biggest flop in this site's history, I decided to try and mess with the owner of a fundy website. Unfortunately, it turned out to be way less funny than I anticipated, and then Sharkey made fun of me.

Enemies List (August 2000)

Back in the summer of 2000, I started to compile an Enemies List. It never really went anywhere; it has two entries.

Short and To-the-Point Questionnaire (July 2000)

In the tradition of Brentai's Anti-Chain Letter of yore, my response to those damn personality tests people used to keep forwarding to me, until they all moved that crap to Facebook.

Old Sig (June 2000)

In the old days, I was known for having an insanely long signature file. This is the original version before I revised it on June 12, 2000.

FAQ (February 2000/December 2000)

When I first put the site up, I included an FAQ. It's tremendously old and outdated now.

BRR (2000)

A parody of RUR (Rossum's Universal Robots) I wrote after doing the show in high school. Never performed because it's just an unending string of inside jokes.
HTML / Word

ChairmanCase@aol.com (2000)

A short piece I wrote for a high school humanities class -- I believe the assignment was based on A Modest Proposal.

Jaded Views (1995)

A story Steve and I wrote when we were 12; back in Fall '00 he talked Joseph Nebus into MiSTing it.
Original / MiSTed


Rent movie trailer

My own fan trailer for the movie adaptation of Rent, which was my favorite Broadway musical as a high school lad. This was before YouTube took off, so I've hosted the sucker here on-site in QuickTime format at multiple resolutions.

240x128, 3.3MB
320x172, 6.2MB
480x260, 16.6MB

Brent's Rule for Impatient People: Watch whole thing.
Steve's Rule for Stupid People: With the sound on.

Legal foolishness: This Rent movie trailer is totally unapproved by Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and generally every single entity in the world who is not me. This is parody and as such protected fair use.

i am graduit!!!!!

A Flash animation I made in June 2000, shortly after graduating high school. Will almost certainly have problems with sync of graphics and music, but not too bad a little project.


A Hero's Death (2006)

My award-winning entry for the BioWare writing contest of 2006. Requires a copy of Neverwinter Nights, available at GOG.

Tempe High: The Zelda Quest (2000-2004)

A Zelda Classic quest based on my high school. I worked on the thing for nearly as many years as I actually spent in high school but never got around to finishing it; this link contains demos and a bestiary.

FP Hacks (2000)

In 2000, Brent released a few demos for a game he was working on, titled Furry Phantasy, because in the year 2000 "Furry Phantasy" did not sound nearly as horrifying as it does today. I made a few hacks, and I put them up on this page. However, since they require Brent's demos to run, and Brent's demos are long gone, you can't really do much of anything with them, though you can look at the pretty pictures and listen to the awful MIDIs.


Back in college I used to run an oldschool text-only BBS called Sonic '0X. It's long gone but here are the materials I put up for it.

Main page
A rough description of my BBS.

Thad's Quick and Dirty Guide To Getting On His BBS
A quick-and-dirty guide on how to access my BBS using Windows and HyperTerminal.