Day: September 12, 2012


Bits of Fifty-Fifty and Montana, and a few other snippets besides. Sydney, 1973.

Great Opening Titles: Gravity Falls

I saw this cartoon getting rave reviews as the latest in the trend of Adventure Time and My Little Pony -- a cartoon for kids with surreal humor that appeals to adults.

It had me at hello.


Seriously, it's great. It's funny, it gives an immediate sense of the characters, the atmosphere, and the wacky world. The theme song conveys a sense of mystery and weirdness.

Also: there's a picture of Bat-Boy.

I knew this show was going to be great before the opening titles were over. And that's exactly what opening titles are for.

BTW I've added a little update to the bottom of Monday's Bissette/Ditko post. Bissette's posted a followup which includes some feedback from Craig Yoe, and there's some great insight in the comments besides.