Day: September 11, 2012

Call Any Vegetable

Uploader sonsoloidee says it's from Montreux, '71; commenter npspec34 says it sounds like the UCLA concert in '72. I assume much the same band and arrangements at those two shows.

That Time Again

I guess they call this Patriot Day now?

I wrote about it when it happened. The first 9/11. Well, not the first 9/11, but the one we commemorate every year 'round this time.

I don't really need to reread it. I lived those moments enough times on the date, and the days, weeks, months that followed. And I'm not even a New Yorker -- didn't even know anybody who was affected.

I think I'm a patriot. Here's some patriotic shit I'd like to see our government do in honor of 9/11. In no particular order -- I do call this a Stream of Consciousness, after all.

  • End the war in Afghanistan.
  • Bring our troops home.
  • Actually care for our troops once they're home.
    • That means acknowledging the suicide epidemic.
    • And all the TBI's.
    • And all that other shit we're not helping people with.
    • Seriously. Veterans should not be begging on the street or killing themselves.
  • While we're at it, how about caring for the 9/11 first responders?
    • That includes covering the ones who got cancer from inhaling the fucking towers.
    • "No proven link" my ass. Fuck you. I don't care if they coincidentally got cancer from chain-smoking; they're fucking 9/11 first responders. Pay for their goddamn healthcare. Raise Mitt Romney's taxes if you have to.
    • And if any of them are illegal immigrants, give them citizenship. Don't you go telling me there is a single damn 9/11 first responder who is not American enough to be a citizen.
  • Close Guantánamo Bay.
    • Give the inmates the same chance at a trial that Charles Manson got.
    • Throw the guilty ones in a stateside prison.
    • Let the innocent ones go. They're innocent.
  • Dismantle the TSA and replace it with something that is not a goddamn joke.

This is America. We can do this.

Fuck, we can at least do some of it, can't we?