Per uploader Brock2097:

Frank Zappa and Prazsky Vyber, "Improvizace V A Dur S Frankem Zappou," performed live on June 24, 1991 at the "ADIEU C.A." concert in Prague, Czechoslovakia, to celebrate the collapse of Soviet rule in the country. Released on Prazsky Vyber albums "Adieu C.A." and "Komplet."

Thanks to for images and info, and thanks to FZ and the members of Prazsky Vyber for this performance.

Improvisation with guitar jam/duel between FZ and Micheal Pavlicek


It ties into the bit I quoted in the other night's post about the biggest enemies of the Communist Czech State being Jimmy Carter and Frank Zappa. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the former Soviet Union's still none too friendly a place for political musicians.

Still, hell of a thing, to have been there right after it all came down.