So today's top news story is that Julián Castro is the keynote speaker, showing just how much the Democrats love Latinos.

Something I'm not seeing trumpeted so much in the national press: the Obama Justice Department has just stated that it will not file any charges against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

To be a liberal in this country is to exist in a perpetual state of dismay with the Democrats and horror at the Republicans. I've considered Obama to be a disappointment since four years ago, when he broke his promise to filibuster telecom immunity and then turned around and claimed he never promised to filibuster telecom immunity.

But this...I just...what the fuck, man?

I acknowledge Obama as lesser of two evils. I'm not going to cast aspersions on anyone who votes for him. But hell, my state's votes are going Romney no matter what the fuck I do and if my vote's going to be purely symbolic anyway, I'm seeing fewer and fewer reasons why it should go to Obama.

Maybe I'll vote Green again. Maybe I'll write in Carter.

I dunno, man, I just don't know.