Day: March 1, 2013

Another Damn Installment of Thad Has a Cold

Let's see -- what-all meds did I take when I got out of bed this morning?

Cough syrup, two inhalers, nose spray, Mucinex, and a multivitamin. Plus a cup of coffee and, once I had a breakfast of oatmeal in me, ibuprofen too. Seems like I'm forgetting something; there was a lot there.

My fiancée appears to have caught what I have. She went to urgent care and they told her it was allergies, which I'm pretty sure it isn't seeing as she's got the same symptoms I've had all week.

She's not coughing yet, though. I just started coughing really badly a day or two ago. Barely slept last night. Going to take an inhaler at bedtime tonight; probably won't be able to sleep that way, either, but better to lose sleep because I'm amped up on albuterol than because I can't stop coughing.

Still improving, and hopefully we'll both be fine by next weekend. But man there's so much to do and I've lost a whole week to this mess.