Day: March 21, 2013

Pauline Butcher Interview, Part 1

Uploaded by Pauline Butcher Bird herself, who says:

The Interview was made for a local radio station but it was never broadcast because it was too contentious for 1988 England (parts 3 and 4). Frank was on his final tour Broadway the Hardway though we didn't know that at the time. You can read more about why the tour collapsed in Andrew Greenaway's book, Zappa the Hard Way. Pauline had worked for Frank in California from 1968 to 1972 and has written about her experiences in her book featured above.

North Bumfuck

Well, I guess I did all right at at least one of those interviews, because I've got a job offer.

It's the one up at the damn northern border of Phoenix -- God only knows why I keep getting jobs way up there. It's a pay increase from my last gig, which will hopefully be enough to cover the extra wear and tear that a 70-mile daily round-trip will wreak on my car.

Still, pretty happy about it. Will be happier if I get one of the other offers, but still, this is a step up from my last job and a big step up from unemployment.

And it looks like it's good leverage. I met with the other agency today and it looks like they're pushing to get me more money and fast-track me into the opening. Fingers crossed, but the important thing is I've got a job either way.

Also while I was waiting in the lobby at the agency I saw the news that Quantum and Woody is coming back.

A job and new Quantum and Woody? This is, like, the third-best day I've had all month.