Day: July 1, 2013

Frank Zappa's Classical Comeback

Posted by, no shit, the Financial Times on June 20. You know, for everything that's wrong with the British press, you sure as hell wouldn't see an American paper with a name like "The Financial Times" doing this story in America.


I grew up in Prescott, kinda.

I didn't know any of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, but I guess my brother went to high school with some of them.

I dunno what the hell else to say. Here's a link to Prescott Firefighter's Charities. And thank a firefighter today, why don'tcha.

And it's a small thing, but hey, if you could try and pronounce the name of the place they're from right, that wouldn't hurt. It's "Preskit". Like "Biscuit".

  • Andrew Ashcraft
  • Robert Caldwell
  • Travis Carter
  • Dustin Deford
  • Christopher MacKenzie
  • Eric Marsh
  • Grant McKee
  • Sean Misner
  • Scott Norris
  • Wade Parker
  • John Percin
  • Anthony Rose
  • Jesse Steed
  • Joe Thurston
  • Travis Turbyfill
  • William Warneke
  • Clayton Whitted
  • Kevin Woyjeck
  • Garret Zuppiger

My thanks to them. My condolences to their friends and family.

That's it, I guess.