Day: July 4, 2013

America Drinks

Well, it's got "America" in the name. That's good for a 4th of July post, right?

Vocals are pretty hard to hear but there's some great clarinet work by, if I'm not mistaken, Bunk Gardner.

Detroit, 1968; uploaded by Whoaduderighteous.


My dizziness has mostly been improving, but today it was pretty bad. Wound up going to bed and staying there for about the past four hours.

Head's not really together enough to share much just now; no Fourth of July insights or reviews of comics I read today (the last half of the latest Sergio Aragonés Funnies was even better than the first, while the Unwritten/Fables crossover didn't really satisfy me as a fan of either series and frankly felt a little icky) -- maybe I'll get to that stuff another time.