Day: November 23, 2012

Get a Real-Estate License

Okay, I am running out of today, so phoning this in a bit with another interview posted on -- though the last one was from early in Frank's career and this one is nearer the end:

Frank Zappa Has a Tip for Serious Musicians: Get a Real-Estate License, by Laurence Vittes, Los Angeles Reader, October 13, 1989.

You're clearly concerned with the state of society today. Is it as bad as the sixties?

Much worse. The major challenge for every American today is to imagine a U.S.A. where the government worked, where you got bang for your buck, where everything they said was fabulous actually was. Probably more difficult than sticking a man on Mars.


Welp, made some decsions on the house, did some freelance work for actual money (well, sort of -- maybe enough for a tank of gas), hit the elliptical and got one episode less behind on The Walking Dead. Not bad for a Friday.