Day: November 15, 2012


Interesting to hear him talk about the Libertarian Party -- I've always figured he was ideologically closer to them than either major party, but wouldn't be able to reconcile their total lack of empathy for their fellow man. Guess this confirms it.

New York, '88; another upload by tomtiddler1.

I hadn't set out to do another election video so soon after we got through the damn election, but what the hell, it's a pretty good interview.

Now, the concert video looks like the 1988 equivalent of a cell phone video, but what the hell -- maybe I'll give Chunga's Revenge a do-over at some future date. But it's not a bad rendition, for all that.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

So far this week I have closed a house, looked for work, shopped for cars, and picked the spot where I'm getting married.

Now that I am home, about the only damn major decision I intend to make is what beer to get out of the refrigerator.

And some shirts from Threadless I guess, since I need new T-shirts and Groupon's got a deal.

I'm thinking 8-Bit Blues and Halfling and Wizard. (I'm sorely tempted by the Mike Allred Monkey Around shirt -- and it's only $10! -- but it looks like it would be goddamn hot in the summer.)