Day: August 14, 2013

Duke in '99

North Sea Jazz Festival. Uploaded by Radio6NL.

A bit about Frank, and some interesting talk about the difference between a piano and a synthesizer, and '80's-vintage synth and how far it had come by 1999.


Following up on last week's post about Jillian Kirby and her fundraiser for the Hero Initiative on behalf of her late grandfather: there's writeup in Monday's LA Times Hero Complex.

It's got some great photos of Jack and his family, and Jillian tells some stories about him too -- I'm partial to the one where he invites a homeless man in for a meal at his nephew's bar mitzvah.

Jillian's goal is to raise $10,000 for the Hero Initiative for Jack's birthday on the 28th. There are some auctions of original art that should help a lot toward that goal -- but even a few bucks helps.

Best of luck to Jillian and to the Hero Initiative. It's a great cause, and she seems to be a pretty great lady.