Video by, and uploaded by, Ed Seeman.

Ed adds:

You watched Zappa being shot through the whiskey bottle he was drinking from while doing a foot performance with his toes. You saw Zappa's groupie for the night whose close up lips have embraced your favorite musician's parts. You sae a meeting in a hotel room attended by Herb Cohn their manager, THE ORIGINAL "SUZIE CREAMCHEESE "PAM, as Frank decides to eat alone as Herb is discussing DONAVAN with his manager. You Saw ZAPPA Meets ARTHUR BROWN. Albert Hall opening, & Fans dressed in 60's clothes.

and you heard a great rendition of WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE. You also saw some 60's improvised 16mm shooting with no lights and crew. The dark footage is the result of this .jpg video suffering from too much duping from my original footage that rests in much better quality in Frank's Vault along with the rest of my 14 hours of film shot over a period of almost two years. No budget and available light was all I could afford.