Day: August 13, 2012

Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong things

So DC posted this preview pic today; it appears to be the cover of Batman #14, coming in November.

Joker in a uniform that says Joe's Garage

I seem to be the only person more interested in what his jumpsuit says than the fact that he is apparently holding his face on with a belt.

Man, between this and Lucille, it's like Joe's Garage has become the official album of comic book villains.

(And oh hey, I get a second opportunity to use the Batman and Frank Zappa tags on the same post!)

Via Bleeding Cool

Some Fucking Bullshit

So last Thursday I mailed a package. New hire; needed to be there next-day. But it was in Phoenix, so I chose express shipping. Because, you know, it takes less than a day to drive a package 9 miles.

Today I find out it hasn't arrived yet, so I pull up tracking. And I see this goddamn fucking bullshit:

Package Not Due for Delivery

The package is sitting in a fucking warehouse for three days, because I did not pay extra for next-day delivery. This is a thing that FedEx does now.

They've got the package. They've got it all set to put it on a truck and take it to its destination. But if you don't pay for next-day delivery, they won't deliver it next-day, no matter how short a distance it's going.

I guess what I'm saying is, support your local post office.