Day: August 11, 2012

Hello Teenage America

Per the uploader:

ThisTownIsASealedTunaSandwich"1968 & & "Cosmik Debris"1974 BeeBeeSea tv UK 1993 Zappa at the Royal Festival Hall London UK 1968

I think that means the first section is This Town is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich at the Royal Festival Hall in '68, the second section is Cosmik Debris in '74 on BBC.

Now, I already posted that Cosmik Debris vid on 6/19, in a version that is higher-quality and does not inexplicably cut off in the middle. But I can't find a video that's just the Royal Festival Hall segment, so here you go. Watch through to 3:35 or so and then, if you really want to watch the Cosmik Debris vid, click on over to the better version. Or, better yet, buy the Dub Room Special DVD.