Day: August 12, 2012

And Finally...

The closing ceremonies are airing on NBC, and, to close out my theme of Zappa material tangentially related to the 2012 Olympics, I give you: Zappa music actually performed at the 2012 Olympics.

That's Bamboozled by Love and Whipping Post, performed by Sarah Knight and the Blue Stones on July 31 in Hyde Park.

It's a cell phone vid; the video quality's poor and the audio's worse. I don't usually post stuff in this quality, but hell, it's just too perfect.

Next I'll be resuming regular, non-London Olympics-themed Zappa posting. There's plenty more British Zappa to go 'round -- concerts, BBC docs, what-have-you -- but from here on in it'll just be mixed in with whatever other interesting Zappa stuff I dig up.

Goodnight everybody.