As my wife gets home from the latest barrage of tests to try and determine just what exactly sent her to the ER those past couple times, I find myself once again experiencing symptoms from my own trip to the ER, some years back. I've got this sense of dizziness, loss of balance, difficulty with depth perception. Sometimes it's just kind of a dull distraction; sometimes it's so intense I find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. At any rate it hasn't been bad enough to prevent me from going to work, so I'll call that a win. Especially inasmuch as Monday I get a mandatory unpaid vacation day. Ahhh, the life of a temp.

Monday night as I was getting into bed, I knocked my glass of water off the end table. After I cleaned it up and put my sheet back on the bed (at a 90-degree rotation from how it's supposed to go) I realized I'd gone to bed with my contacts in. So I went and took them out, and on the way back to bed I managed to walk into both the doorway and the bedframe.

I feel like I'm barely functional, and I'm the more functional partner in the household. As you might expect, this results in things like dishes stacking up and floors going uncleaned (short of having water knocked all over them, I suppose).

Hoping to get my shit sorted out by Comicon this weekend. I went last year and it was a little overwhelming, but I'd still love a chance to get the Allreds' autographs. But I'm a pragmatist -- if I feel this lousy on Saturday, I'm not going the fuck anywhere.