A lovely piece by Ruth Underwood discussing her work with Frank and his experimentation. It's fitting that she compares him to a mad scientist -- in The Real Frank Zappa Book, he says that was his first impression of Edgard Varèse, on seeing his photo on an album cover as a child.

Then she gives us a lovely peek behind the curtain with a look at some of Zappa's sheet music -- fine, detailed, intricate, as you'd expect -- and discusses the "Zappa sound".

Ruth plays her part from St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast and does a hell of a job even for someone who hadn't been retired for three decades, then Dweezil, Napoleon, and the band play us out.

I've seen a few versions of this video floating around YouTube but I'm not sure what the source is. Obviously it's recent (relatively -- this version was uploaded about 5 years ago). Could be on the ZPZ DVD, but according to Wikipedia that was released a few months after the upload date. Anybody knows, drop me a line.