Welp, another migraine today.

Went to see the doctor a week ago about all the headaches. She said some of them were probably tension headaches from sitting at a desk all day, and recommended I exercise more and do some neck stretches. She refilled my existing prescription and gave me a sample of a new one -- well, sort of new; it's a triptan and so it's a descendant of what I used to take in high school.

I've managed to put in some exercise every day since (though I might give it a miss today). We're into the part of the year where 102 is a cool day, and the air quality is simply awful, so I can't really ride my bike like I'd like to. But we got a stair machine awhile back and I've been using that.

I'm sure that's helping me get in better shape, and I feel better too, but it sure doesn't look like it's helping with the headaches.

Must say the new prescription's working out so far, though.

The one I used to take in high school didn't work this well -- it would give me a reprieve for a couple hours and then bounce back even worse, and if I took a second pill it would give me such a nasty case of the jitters that I was just as useless and nearly as uncomfortable as if I just had a migraine. After awhile I stopped taking it and switched to over-the-counter stuff (which tends to have roughly the same effect).

Well, I tried the new drug when I got up this morning. The immediate effect seemed to be nausea, which kicked in about 15 minutes after I took it. (Or it could have just been part of the migraine. It's hard to tell.)

But I managed to get back in bed and fall asleep for about two and a half hours, and wake up functional.

The headache's not gone, and when I first got up it pounded with every step I took. After I got some food (Cup Noodles, the thing I keep around for when I can't cook anything more complicated -- plus I've got a sore throat in addition to the headache, so it soothes that a bit) and some coffee in me I started to feel better. Still a bit jittery and out-of-it (I think I've stamped out all the typos in this post, but if you find any that's why), but much better.

Guess I'll have to get this script filled.