Found this one last night and I love it. It is a Japanese man singing Evelyn, A Modified Dog. (Well, the first minute or so is. The rest he's just talking, and, well, let's just say his English is better than my Japanese. I have no idea what he is saying.)

I mentioned the other day that you can hear Zappa's inflection in Bozzio's vocals on Titties 'n Beer. Similarly, this nice young man copies Zappa's inflection perfectly, and though his accent is overwhelming he enunciates each word precisely.

My Japanese is rusty (I took one year back in college) so I'm not sure where this was or why they picked Zappa, but it appears that they performed the entirety of One Size Fits All (with Zomby Woof from Over-Nite Sensation replacing Can't Afford No Shoes). The videos are all titled "Live'98", so that's presumably the year they were recorded -- which means that's actually a surprisingly high-quality video, considering.