Day: June 16, 2012

200 Motels Trailer

The trailer for Frank Zappa's 200 Motels:

The complete film is on Netflix.

I watched it the other day. It most closely resembles one of the weirder Python sketches -- like if you took, say, "Where Have All the Fishes Gone?" and stretched it to 100 minutes.

I found that, after two beers, it couldn't quite hold my full attention -- I imagine it would be more fun to watch with friends who are equally as interested in Weird Shit, and/or on stronger drugs, or possibly as background noise at a party, especially if it's late and most of the guests have gone home.

Selling a Product

I wonder how many lost sales Bookman's can chalk up to stupid application of stickers.

I was there today and there were several CD's I looked at that had price tags or security stickers plastered right over track listings or album descriptions.

Now, I don't have a smartphone, but if I did have one, odds are pretty good that using it to search for album info would point me straight at sites selling the same album for cheaper -- and likely in digital format, removing even the "instant gratification" advantage to buying it in a store.

Guess I could have asked a clerk, but unless the clerk actually knows the album, that still means opening up the case and removing the sticker.

And anyway, I firmly believe that if somebody makes it harder for me to give them my money, I shouldn't reinforce them by giving it to them anyway.