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The Mothers and Firesign Theater

Per uploader willyrein:

From the vaults of the popular psychedelic show 'The Radio Lab' which later became 'Cryptic Propensity Projections' and 'Midnight Collage' on KBOO FM, Portland, Oregon from 1971-1985. (Caution, this program contains explicit sexual content). Bill whips up a spicy stew with The Mothers of Invention and The Firesign Theater. The photo in the video backdrop is Barry Schwam (Schwump) and Bill Reinhardt recording a radio play. KBOO poster with Hound Dog Taylor by Bruce Sorensen. Poster of Bill at the futuristic console in space by Michael Strickland (Sunnyland Band).

There you have it. Two (or three) great tastes that taste great together.