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Egg, sunny-side-up, on toast, with feta, sour cream, and Arizona Gunslinger sauce.

Rellenos and Republicans

Still can't quite get this beer batter thing right. 4:1 ratio of beer to flour is just runny liquid; 2:1 is pancake mix again. I'm thinking maybe next time I won't mix the flour in, I'll just dunk the chili in the beer and egg and then roll it in the flour.

I really do love that the Senate Conservatives Fund decided to say, "Hey, remember that guy who said that really offensive thing that made our entire party look bad who we said we wouldn't give any money to? Let's give him three hundred grand and see what happens." and he immediately turned around and said more crazy misogynistic shit.

First of all: instant karma is the best kind of karma. After all, if you wait an hour before you whack your dog on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper, he will not make any connection between what he did wrong and the fact that you are punishing him. This way, even the dimmest conservative organization can't possibly help but think "I just made a huge mistake."

Second: It's always better to see right-wing organizations throw their money down a bottomless pit than contribute it to races where it might actually help their candidate. (Like all that money Sheldon Adelson threw at Newt Gingrich. You know, for a casino magnate he's really pretty terrible at predicting odds.)

And speaking of candidates who they could have helped, that brings us to #3: this is actually hurting other candidates who they've endorsed in close Senate races. The Dems in Massachusetts are calling for Scott Brown to give their donation back and they're going to try to hang it around his neck until the election.

(Now, in point of fact, I don't especially dislike Scott Brown; I think he may very well be the only Republican left in the Senate who might actually be willing to compromise to get laws passed. And I wouldn't be devastated if he were reelected. Nor do I want him to lose his seat because I care unduly about the numbers game -- the Democrats couldn't pass shit when they had 59 seats plus Lieberman; there's really not a hell of a lot of difference between 45 Democrats and 60 Democrats, thanks to the automatic filibuster.

But Elizabeth Warren is legitimately my single favorite person running for office this election, and I would love to see her win, not because she's a Democrat but because she's Elizabeth Warren.)

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Putting the "Turd" in "Turducken"

Well, not really, it came out okay.

But I finally decided to try my hand at beer battering, and a word of advice:

If you find a recipe that suggests equal amounts of flour and beer, it should be labeled pancake batter, not the kind of batter you put on vegetables to fry them in.

The Turducken of Rellenos

Tonight, for dinner, I stuffed a roasted Hatch chile inside a roasted poblano chile, egg-battered it and crusted it in panko crumbs, then wrapped the whole thing inside a burrito.

I am not going to lie: it is possibly the most amazing dish I have ever cooked.

Maybe next time I will try beer-battering. I think it's time for a trip to Trader Joe's for some Simpler Times.

Whatcha Got Cookin'?

For dinner tonight I made myself a chile relleno burro.

And as I was working on it, I thought hey, why don't I try beer battering this sumbitch?

But a look through my pantry showed that I am stocked only with good beer, of the variety I would not want to use for cooking. (Although there is a local place that makes a burger with Arrogant Bastard, and will sell you what's left of the bottle...)

I need to remember to pick me up some Simpler Times next time I'm at Trader Joe's.

As it was, the relleno was pretty amazing even without beer.

Well, I say "without beer", what I actually mean is "with beer consumed only between bites".

(Last time I went to Top's they were selling Stone IPA for twenty bucks a case. That shit is crazy.)