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1988; uploaded by avs002, who says it's a mix of sound check and concert audio, which certainly sounds right.

Live at the Fillmore East

John Lennon's birthday was the 9th; he would have been 72. Here he is with Frank, singing Scumbag. Poor quality, but...it's John Lennon and Frank Zappa.

Tales of the Evil Swaggart

More of Frank explaining precisely how he feels about televangelists -- this time in the form of a Beatles medley!

It's interesting to notice just how much Zappa's turns of phrase have crept into my own lexicon. I'm fairly confident I use the phrase "ignorant cracker" far more than the average person.

Beatles Medley

Guess this kinda fits the very loose Zappa/Olympics theme, right? Zappa covering some tunes by some boys outta Liverpool?

Not that the last two were terribly topical either.


The uploader says this is Detroit, 1988. Sounds like Ike Willis on the vocals.

Like Pigs from a Gun

I Am the Walrus, with the incomparable Ike Willis on vocals. Warning: The video ends pretty abruptly. (The other vids I've found end just as abruptly and look worse; let me know if you find a better one and I'll post it up.)